13-year-old Nizhny Novgorod invented a start-up, and his father launched it in the US

Ilya Osipov, one of the authors of the most successful Nizhny Novgorod Internet project NN.RU, has been living with his family in the USA for four years. Recently, he launched a new project, coined by his 13-year-old son.

This is absolutely unique game console, based on the principles of the Rubik’s Cube. It was called WOWcube.

«We have been working with our team for 1.5 years on the project, received several patents and on May 30, for the first time presented it to the general public,» Ilya says. «I’m glad that one of the largest American sites on the topic of startups and innovations VentureBeat  writes about us.»

For today, this family team already has a working prototype.