13 декабря 2018 года на площадке МИА “Россия Сегодня” состоялась конференция “Рунет 2018: итоги года”, организованная Ассоциацией Электронных Коммуникаций (РАЭК).

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Championship «in the country of barbarians»

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The upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, which will be held, in particular, in several cities in Volga region, promises to be one of the most «advanced» in the application of new technologies.

And this applies to both of the matches themselves, as well as their translation, and the organization of journalists, logistics, security, as well. But while some media preoccupied with the technical organization of the Championship, some others question the very fact of the event…

Nowadays when everything connected with Russia somehow is rejection and indignation, they increasingly talk about Russia’s failure to welcome one of the main events of the following years — 2018 FIFA World Cup. The authors of such statements usually do not even try bothering their imagination to invent reasons and endlessly repeat stereotypical opinions about Russia. All officials are supposed to be corrupt to such a degree that they all can take all allocated funds. And if they don`t take something they won`t be able to organize such a large event normally. Everything will be miserable, expensive, exquisitely inadequate, or vice versa — too pathetic. Well, you know, «the Russians …». And even if something is organized, Russia is so big, the distance between the stadiums is so great, the hotels are so small and rare, the roads and traffic jams in the cities are so awful that it would be a torture but not a championship.

Many of these arguments can be heard from a very football country such as the United States. The country where football is not even called football, but where they give the name of its national sport — a mixture between rugby and a line fight. However, they do not talk about football but about the organization of the championship, may be, they are expert in it? Indeed, speaking of corruption in large-scale projects, the Americans say as if they are great experts. The hundreds of million dollars allocated after the war 2003 for reconstruction of Iraq were stolen by the US officials and military to the last cent, without any residue. Then nobody from responsible persons did not regard it as inconceivable that at least one penny of this money could be spent for other purposes, and they didn`t not spend indeed, they even didn`t pretend that had helped Iraq somehow. So, assessing corruption the Americans know what they say.

The organizational experience of American administrators is also rich, which allows them to judge others with a view of academics learnt the truth. During the Summer Olympic Games 1996 in Atlanta, Georgia, their organizers hired bus drivers from small surrounding towns because of economy. The drivers knew the city badly, and one of the drivers happened to lose the way and decide he’d had enough and left the athletes in the bus to orientate themselves where that damn stadium was. Without remembering the Winter Olympic Games 2002 in Salt Lake City — the most scandalous according to doping and judicial decisions in favor of the hosts. During the games the interviewed US residents by one of the American channel even stopped denying that judges had been helping their athletes. So the organizational skills are obvious.

However, real football countries, primarily European, announce their presence in this campaign, too. This is mostly due to the fact that all Russian competitors were from Europe and they were apparently offended by the championship organization transfer to Russia while choosing a host-country of the championship. The showdowns within FIFA have played a role taking a harsh turn now.

Of course, it would be the easiest way to ignore any criticism on the grounds that the critics just find fault with Russia as usual. The criticism doesn`t matter, but the actual ability of the country to hold the championship. And, of course, it is necessary to turn to the experience of the Olympic Games in Sochi. That all has happened already and that all has happened recently. Before the games, it was rumoured with worthy persistence that Sochi was not ready and its infrastructure had neither been created nor already collapsed. Every city`s and Olympic facilities` lack was photographed from all sides, was available online at several sites and discussed in all the social networks. When there was not any lack itself, so it was found in the photos more or less suitable. But now and then the main thing was that the shortcomings were imagined or exaggerated. In reality the organizers of the Games in Sochi rose to the occasion.

When the reality is not as bad as all that or even good, it is still possible to criticize, but that’s not fun. And the audience feels that. During the Games in Sochi the poor man Jon Stewart, the anchorman of popular comic show on American television, was hardly able to criticize the game. He eventually became to ridicule the fact that the weather in the capital of the Winter Olympics Games on some days was warmer than Florida. Sam felt that it was not serious somehow, the audience in the studio felt it, too, but there was nothing he could do, business is business!

So it’s all about the organization, attention to details and constant control over every detail. Once Russia has coped with the task, but then there was one city, and there are 11 cities and 12 stadiums now. Of course Russia is full of strength. And let`s remember that even the Ukraine and Poland coped with the organization of the European Championship in 2012, though not without criticism, This case is not extremely difficult and impossible for ordinary people. It is not necessary to doubt in Russia’s ability to hold the World Football Championship. After all, only a complete disregard for any unfounded criticism, real work and careful checking and rechecking of everything and everyone is a universal recipe to overcome any difficulties.

Preapered by Boris Aleksandrov

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