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Innovation Projects of the Nizhny Novgorod Business Incubator CLEVER — 2014

Главная » Start-ups » Data Bases on Innovation Projects » Innovation Projects of the Nizhny Novgorod Business Incubator CLEVER — 2014

Data base on the resident companies and their projects of the Nizhny Novgorod Business Incubator CLEVER  (2014 version)

Company and project

Short description of the project

Person in charge

1 LLC “RLN-technologies”

Project: «Energy saving intellectual networks»

Development of an intellectual network (on the basis of compensation converters at the enterprises) which main objective there is an efficiency increase as sources, and consumers of energy. Besides optimum distribution of energy, the intellectual network will improve such parameters of the power supply network as coefficient of jet power and coefficient of the highest harmonicas that will allow to increase life cycle of the equipment. Director general – Kashkanov Artyem Olegovich
2 LLC “SoFast”

Project: «SportCult»

Creation of the software product representing the sports digest, directed on the solution of such problems as development of the individual feed system, formation, development and sportswear maintenance. This product will be realized as the individual diary of health for each separate client as this appendix will count specific features of each organism in details — biometrics, dietology, contraindications and the most important, realization of vision of the client, on the organism, forms, a state. Director general — Nalivin Alexander Ivanovich
3 LLC “Lazersoft”

Project: «The laser drawing»

Development of an automation equipment to work with drawings of buildings/structures (floor-by-floor plans), from the measurement-making phase till providing the results to the customer. The product of the project is based on association of a laser range finder with the mobile device supplied with the special software (developed within the project), will give the chance to receive the drawing of a measured real estate object in real time on the smartphone or tablet screen. Director general — Konovalov Pavel Vladimirovich
4 LLC “I.Consalting”

Project: «Development of express coagulometer with the possibility to connect the mobile devices»

Development, production and sale organization of an espress-coagulometr PTV and MNO models, for both home and professional use, for the patients accepting anticoagulants, with possibility to connect the mobile devices on iOS and Android, that will allow to automate storage and data processing process. Director general — Sarkisov Oleg Eduardovich
5 LLC “Flyuger”

Project: «Development and production of the wind power plants»

Development of an industrial pilot model of a vertically-axial wind farm with a rated power of 5 kW for autonomous power supply of cottages, private houses, the suburban settlements, the technical service stations, sinks, shops, country offices and warehouses, farms, city apartments Director general — Kulyashov Andrey Anatolyevich

Project: «Development and production the mechanochemical  installation for nanostructural improvement of strength and operational properties of the wood»

Development of the skilled plant, capable to prove prospects of investments into production of the equipment aimed to create products of mechanochemicaly modified wood Director — Petrova Ekaterina Romanovna
7 LLC “Sinergetik”

Project: «The organization of production of the biodegradable detergents (BD) for cleaning of the equipment, rooms and stocks of the food industry»

Development of the special compoundings of biodegradable detergents and technology of their production, differing by high quality and low costs of production Director general – Zuzin Alexey Urievich
8 LLC “Laboratory of  Mobile Services”

Project: «Tourist information system for Nizhny Novgorod»

The project is aimed to creation of the information system allowing tourists, visiting Nizhny Novgorod and the Nizhny Novgorod Region, to get quick access to multimedia information on objects of interest for them (historical and cultural monuments, the museums, architectural complexes, objects of transport infrastructure, etc.) by means of cell phones, smartphones, tablet computers, etc. Information system will allow tourists to receive information in a context of their current location with a binding to a chart (to Open Street maps, Google maps, etc.) Director — Umnov Alexey Lvovich

Project: «Development of the vector analyzer of nonlinear chains»

Development and putting to production of the vector analyzers of nonlinear chains. The main contents of the project is the original method of measurement of nonlinear S-parameters in a mode of a big signal Director general — Terentyev Andrey Aleksandrovich
10 LLC “Unikod”

Project: «Hard-software platform of monitoring»

Development of the specialized minicomputer differing from available on the market by structure of components and intended to connect modules, containing data collection, devices for separate problems of monitoring. The development of the software intended for remote control of minicomputers, collecting, the analysis and data storage is supposed also. Director — Plesovskikh Ksenia Yurevna
11 LLC « Eyetoeye-Сontact»

Project: «eye2eye study» (education «eyes to eyes»)

An online platform for learning foreign languages within a free game form without homework and emphasis on grammar. Service provides possibility to search the users who’re interested in training in a foreign language, other users who are native speakers and ready to teach Director general — Prasikova Anna Yurevna
12 LLC Producing Centre “Gardarika”

Project: «The first Internet portal of amateur cinema  AMATO.TV»

Development of the first in a RuNet project consolidating the massif of users, interested in amateur cinema. It will be round the clock broadcasting portal with a program schedule, archive of videos, personal blogs and a set of multimedia opportunities. Project purpose: to create the base from national cinema, everyone will be able to take part in. Director general — Vladykin Roman Aleksandrovich
13 LLC “Altopus”

Project: «The virtual assistant — Altopus»

The personal electronic assistant “Altopus” — the computer program for consultation in a natural language within the problem situations when using complicated technical devices Director general — Kasyanova Elena Vyacheslavovna
14 LLC “Novye resheniya”

Project: «Manager of  the queue «

Development and market entry of innovative system of the automatic organization of live queue of the people, to release them from the need of personal presence and spending time in a place of rendering service, to allow them to stand in a queue remotely – by the Internet or a mobile application. This decision significantly differs from the presented on the market, both it’s much more convenient and it’s favorable to separate groups of consumers Director general — Stolyarov Andrey Stanislavovich
15 LLC Network Expert Systems

Project: «The content filtration distributed system»

The project represents a program complex aiming to solve a problem of filtration the Internet content and restriction of access to Internet resources. Novelty of the proposed solution consists of the organization of server part of system in the form of a filled-up database where the interface is in the form of a social network of reputation Director general — Suprunenko Alexander Vladimirovich
16 LLC “Linsoft”

Project: «»

Development of innovative system for carrying out internal audit of the enterprises in all spheres of people’s activity, aimed to control the execution process of implementation an «Economical Production» (Lean). Internet service allows to make the internal audit of the enterprise on compliance to Lean-requirements without special expenses Director general – Evstifeev Mikhail Yuryevich
17 LLC “SKB Reserve”

Project: «Development a polymeric materials’ automobile body on the basis of a bearing framework for the off-road car 4х4″

Development of a body of the off-road all-wheel drives car class «B» within polymeric materials. The innovative component of the project consists in development of a body on the basis of the integrated power structure and hinged elements of a body from polymeric materials Director – Karabasova Elena Vyacheslavovna
18 LLC «TrainingSOFT»

Project: «LET(Learning Effectively Tool)»

The project is software to systemize the gained knowledge, and statements of tasks on their basis during training in real time. Director general – Sudakov Alexey Yuryevich

Project: » Methods’ optimization of  digitization of a human body’s movement for creation a multimedia content»

Essence of this project is creation of a program and hardware complex of contactless digitization of a human body movement on rather inexpensive equipment – Microsoft Kinect to sale the multimedia rollers of 3D animation made on this system and non- exclusive licenses for a right to use the system Director general Korotky Pavel Vasilyevich
20 LLC «Fank-Media»

Project: «WhatAroundMe (WAM)»

The project provides development of a multilateral platform of the content aggregator from various sources, including social networks and RSS of subscriptions, with opportunities of the user filtration, and preservation of key functionality of social networks and other connected services Director general Talanova Aleksandra Sergeevna
21 LLC “Esporo -Programmnye resheniya”

Project: «Customer Relationship Management System»

LLC “Esporo — Programmnye resheniya” develops own Customer Relationship Management System («Esporo-CRM»), provides access to it as with cloudy service and provides services of consulting in optimization of business processes and increase of sales in the clients’ companies Director –

Choubin Pavel Mikhaylovich


Project: «To organize the hi-tech production of a model range all-wheel drive cars of cross-country capacity»

The project purpose – to organize the design and production of the domestic car which is absent now, standard size and its’ exit to the market. The company carries out: all complex of ROC, and also the project of its production and realization, selects investors and a platform for the production organization, will organize all complex of works on creation of production and sales of a new Product to bring new production to profitability level for possibility of further development. Director general Apanasenko Arkady Viktorovich

Business incubator: startup projects’ development

1 LLC “RMT Company” — the anchor resident

Project: «Thermoelectric cooling microsystems»

JSC RMT Company is JSC RUSNANO subsidiary, specializes on producing the thermoelectric cooling microcells. These components are used for cooling of lasers, photo-detectors, and integrated chips. Cooling elements’ sizes reduction allows to create more powerful devices demanded by modern telecommunication, computing and optoelectronic branches. RMT production is a striking example of commercialization the scientific development created by domestic scientists, and scaling the production process to produce the innovative equipment demanded abroad. The RMT company exports about 80% of the production — to the USA, Canada, Japan, the countries of Europe and South East Asia. Director general — Gromov Gennady Gyusamivich
2 LLC “Alfatek”

Project: «Creation and development a new design of roller skis (roller skis) with the bow-shaped platform made of a composite material (carbon fiber), designed meaning the modern requirements to design the products»

The new design will allow to professional athletes and fans to keep (to improve) their sport-technique during summer trainings (or trainings in the dry indoor spaces). This process will be possible due to use a new design of a modern constructional material (carbon fiber). Director — Kireev Andrey Viktorovich
3 LLC “Amigo-Service”

Project: » Processing complex for second-hand car tires to produce  innovative production»

Within implementation of the project it is planned to organize production based on processing of tires and other RTI for the purpose of receiving: rubber crumb of 4 fractions: 0,01 — 1,0 mm, 1-2 mm, 2-3 mm, 3-5 mm; metal cord; textile cord; liquid fuel (it is used in boiler rooms); technical carbon (it is used as solid fuel). Director general — Shitova Dinara
4 LLC “Processing center Aksioma”

Project: «Automation system «School card»

«The school card» is the multipurpose platform which architecture allows to carry out a superstructure of various services necessary for concrete school and to integrate components of other systems Director — Tabunin Artem Alekasandrovich

Project: «System integration of the data transmission innovative systems  (AOLS) for the organization of high-speed connections in telecommunication networks of federal scale. Introduction of new information and hardware technologies to the organization of safety systems and data transmission of various level»

Design, construction and modernization of  communication lines, cable systems and IP television, safety systems (video surveillance, security fire warning systems, SKUD, complex systems) on the basis of fiber-optical lines with use of the technology of welding of an optical fiber modernized by LLC “VVS”, networks with the equipment SDH,DWDM, AOCL (atmospheric optical communication lines) Director general — Sennikov Leonid Mikhaylovich
6 LLC “TDM-4”

Project: «Innovative fire extinguishing systems for oil refineries complexes»

The project purpose is to create the improvement of technical characteristics of the equipment used in an extinguishing, increase the efficiency of an extinguishing of oil products.

The equipment allows to receive foam of low and average frequency rate according to standards of fire safety

Director general — Baranov Alexander Anatolyevich

Project: «Development and production of flexible energy- saving light sources»

The purpose of the project is to provide consumers with super thin, flexible, energy-saving light sources based on the light-guide films, electroluminescent panels and OLED lamps Director general — Botkin Evgeny Vladimirovich
8 LLC “I.Development”

Project: «Medical portal Medklik.RF»

The multipurpose Internet service, allowing to raise the level of medical care due to expansion of electronic interaction opportunities in the medicine sphere Director general — Verkhovinsky Konstantin Viktorovich

Project: «The centralized wireless video monitoring of mobile objects with use of cellular  3G networks»

Task of the present project is development of modern wireless devices and the software for implementation of centralized video monitoring through networks of the third generation, cost reduction of all system as a whole, increases of convenience of work and drop of loading of resources of mobile operators. Director general — Afanasyev Alexander Vyacheslavovich
10 LLC “Aelita”

Project: » Aelita -anesthesiology complex”

The “Aelita” anesthesiology complex represents patients’ life-supporting system when they’re in terminal statuses (boundary between life and death), in the course of a surgery (providing anesthesia and artificial cooling of lungs), in the postoperative period (providing intensive pulmonary therapy), and also in the course of reanimation. Distinctive feature of AC “Aelita” is innovative injector technology application in dispensing the anesthetic, providing the highest accuracy according to the key parameters of cooling and anesthesia Director general — Karpitsky Yury Evgenyevich
11 LLC “Intekhmash”


«Innovative processing equipment (development and design)”

“Intekhmash” is engaged in design and development of innovative processing equipment. The purpose of the project is development  underground capacity of gas station with an inside elastic membrane layer, the production organization by placing at the industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation, and also the sale-net organization Director Golovashchenko Sergey Aleksandrovich
12 LLC “Uniprint

«The production organization of a polymer toner for office equipment»

The company realizes the project to organize the production (firstly in the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Region and Russia) a toner for office equipment. The main competitive advantage is existence of own development of one of toner ingredients – the modifier Director general Ayzatulin Enver Zhafyarovich
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Сбербанк запустил вторую волну внутреннего акселератора — Sber#Up. Приглашение в проект получили все сотрудники Группы компаний Сбербанк: более 300 тысяч работников банка, а также сотрудники компаний экосистемы банка.

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Ученые Самарского национального исследовательского университета совместно со специалистами НИИ глазных болезней Самарской областной офтальмологической больницы имени Т. И. Ерошевского разработали новую технологию профилактики послеоперационных осложнений в офтальмологии.

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Молодая российская компания NGT Synthesis, резидент технопарка «Сколково», разработала собственный процесс метаформинга, который позволяет превращать метанолосодержащие углеводороды в бензин в одну стадию.

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