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Innovative projects, fulfiled on the territory of the Volga Federal District (according to version — 2011)

Главная » Start-ups » Data Bases on Innovation Projects » Innovative projects, fulfiled on the territory of the Volga Federal District (according to version — 2011)





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N. Novgorod State Medical Academy Nizhny Novgorod
Optical coherence tomography
Medicine OCT allows to get images of tumor tissues structure with subcellular resolution in real time Terentiev Igor Georgievich
+7 (831) 419-7749
A versatile set of tools for cryology Medicine A versatile set of tools production for active and passive types of cooling by liquid nitrogen for use in various fields of clinical medicine
Nizhny Novgorod Institute of Information Technologies (NIIT) Nizhny Novgorod Lego-robot programming Schooling Teaching middle school students the programming skills Olga Rabinina
+7 (831) 275-8509
KIR Kazan Information system “Dispatching Center” Medicine The system is designed to automate the main business processes of healthcare, that is: dispatching flows of planned hospitalization, monitoring and information collection as per provided services and expended resources Auhadeev Arthur Ferdinando-vich
+7 (843) 298-2043
Information-analytical control system for medical-preventive institution Medicine An information support to all services of medical institutions: from patient’s clinical records and integration with medical equipment to the document management, financial accounting and planning.
LLC SPC “Anod” Nizhny Novgorod Bearing gasket block Oil industry, housing services and utilities The pump power pack modernization removes the need for oiling. It considerably improves vibratory characteristics, raises the pump’s reliability, and increases the period between repairs up to five years. Svetlana Zelenkova
+7 (831) 273-9911
LLC “Thermodiagnostics” Nizhny Novgorod Personal TV CEM® ThermoDiagnostics Medicine The device allows to get a picture of skin temperature distribution in a short period of time. A specialized version of the device is successfully used for testing the efficiency of housing thermal insulation Roman Plohov
+7 (831) 434-5923
“CEM®-TECH” Treatment with electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency in the noise mode and in modes of mono-frequency (EHF-therapy)
LLC SPC “Cheminvest” Nizhny Novgorod Active coal feed additive for animal toxin protection Animal farming The additive, introduced into animal diet, among other things, absorbs bacterial toxins and other poisonous substances in the intestine Vasili Korotki
+7 (831) 430-3188
Виктор, Нижний Новгород,
+7 905 66 22 131
LLC Research and Production Enterprise “Prima” Nizhny Novgorod Satellite terminal control for aircraft position (STCP) Aviation The terminal is designed to transfer information about location and other parameters of the aircraft and text messaging via satellite Vyacheslav Rafailovich Zolotov
+7 (831) 260-0132
LLC “Listen” Nizhny Novgorod “Listen to news” Internet, services for starblind people Listening to news individual feeds Andrew Lyadkov
+7 (962) 515-8080
LLC “Group of companies “BinarCo” Sarov A filling station for vehicles with liquefied natural gas Auto transport The introduction of CNG filling stations will allow the use of conventional methane directly from domestic gas network Tatyana Stavnichaya
+7 (83130) 640-55
+7 (910) 893-2370
Production of raw material for synthetic sapphire LED and integrated circuits production Production of extra pure (99.999%) finely powdered aluminum oxide (Al2O3).
Serial production of specially grown large single sapphire crystals LED and integrated circuits production Production of specially grown large single sapphire crystals up to 500 kg.
Upgrade the standard piles to use in permanent frost condition Construction Upgrade the standard piles with the help of a cylindrical tube with high bearing capacity to use in permafrost soils
Business incubator of High School of Economics Perm Pirate Pay Internet Service to control proliferation of digital content in networks based on the protocol of Bittorrent Fatima Halilova
+7 (906) 722-2496
MegaTable Internet A new search engine enables gathering and unifying fragmented and unstructured information in the Internet and presents results in the form of summary tables.
“My territory” Internet It is the website and set of tools (mobile application, system widgets, open API) for open interaction with the authorities and service providers.
LLC “Alterizm Venture Capital” Ulyanovsk Energy-efficient system Private housing maintenance A microclimate system that doesn’t require grid electricity. Iskander Kasimov
+7 (927) 271-0717
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Сбербанк запустил вторую волну внутреннего акселератора — Sber#Up. Приглашение в проект получили все сотрудники Группы компаний Сбербанк: более 300 тысяч работников банка, а также сотрудники компаний экосистемы банка.

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Ученые Самарского национального исследовательского университета совместно со специалистами НИИ глазных болезней Самарской областной офтальмологической больницы имени Т. И. Ерошевского разработали новую технологию профилактики послеоперационных осложнений в офтальмологии.

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Молодая российская компания NGT Synthesis, резидент технопарка «Сколково», разработала собственный процесс метаформинга, который позволяет превращать метанолосодержащие углеводороды в бензин в одну стадию.

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