13 декабря 2018 года на площадке МИА “Россия Сегодня” состоялась конференция “Рунет 2018: итоги года”, организованная Ассоциацией Электронных Коммуникаций (РАЭК).

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Residents of NIBI — 2011

Главная » Start-ups » Data Bases on Innovation Projects » Residents of NIBI — 2011

Short information list concerning the residents-companies of «N. Novgorod innovation business-incubator» as per March 22, 2011

Company name

Project name


Short description of the project

Contact information


LLC “SinproTEK”

The monitoring system of collar data items of gas and oil wells

Energy saving

The system is designed to solve the problem of automatic control over oil extraction considering the specificity of Russian conditions. The system controls the random chosen set of parameters (temperature, pressure), on a few well’s points. The collected data is wirelessly transferred to a sectional controller and to an automatic work station for the further analysis. The developed technology allows to achieve a complete autonomous of units with a lifetime up to 1 year at a high polling sensors frequency. The technological base of the product is a designed wireless sensor network.

General manager: Golovachev Dmitry Andreevich

Tel. (831)2759608


skype: dmitry.golovachev




IE Hapov E. N.

Processing audio and video formats for mobile devices “Axara Mobile Tools”

International Technologies

The main essence of the project is to provide cell phone’s users with an easy and handy tools, which would cover all user’s needs and possibilities of the cell phone. Two main tools is planned to include to the program complex. The first on is formulated formats and the second one is for wireless data transferring and synchronization with a computer. Tools – programs use different algorithms and interfaces for mobile devices communication.

General Manager: Hapov Evgeni Nikolaevich

Contact information:

tel.:(831)275-88-25, 417-20-34




LLC “Sintesprom”

High-speed frequency synthesizer with improved signal for measurement systems

Measurement systems

Development, production and promotion of a new exclusive product to the measurement equipment market – low noise precision programmable frequency synthesizer and signals with a high dynamic range of side spectral components, designed to form sinusoidal and modulated oscillations in a wide frequency range. The novelty of the idea is a universal frequency synthesizer planning methodology based on a single core with the ability to adapt to various types of hardware and Information Telecommunication Technologies and Electronics market segments. General manager: Cyplenckov Uri Sergeevich

Contact information:

275-88-26, 465-71-95, 464-02-83





LLC “LBS Group”

Mobile Security System

International Technologies

The project aims to develop, produce and sale the Mobile Security System (MSS). MSS is a system, that can be launched at the site within several minutes and to work on it autonomously for a long time regardless power supply and wire (or other) communication infrastructure there. The system has a high detection capacity at the low false alerts level. MSS allows to protect objects, where the use of usual stationary security systems is impossible or economically unprofitable General manager: Umnov Aleksei Livovich

Contact infomation:

тел.:(831) 275-96-08, 413-28-34

e-mail: umnovwl.unn.r



LLC “Vend Service NN”

Designing and manufacturing of a universal baseplate and statistics server for a vending machine


Machine engineering

Development and design the equipment with a new qualities and possibilities, that allows to create a network from different vending machines with one general sales’ statistics control system.

General manager: Loginov Viktor Nikolaevich

Contact information:




LLC “Remote Control Systems”

Wild fires monitoring system


Information technologies

Development of the wild fires monitoring systems based on the use of advanced video surveillance system and broadband wireless. The developing monitoring system consists of monitoring points with mounted surveillance cameras. Company develops a software that provides automatic detection of forest’s fire points and informing all interested parties about the necessary actions.

General manager: Shishalov Ivan Sergeevich

Contact information:






Low-voltage light-emitting diod

Energy saving

The project’s main purpose is the production and realization of LED lamps. The main difference of these lamps in the comparison with those manufactured by other enterprises is the possibility of low voltage direct current supply of the device (12 volts), that allows to use 12-volt accumulator (for example car accumulator). It’s quite of a high priority when there is no 220 V electrical network. General manager: Gorazdov Vladislav Evgenevich

Contact information: tel.: 8 910 386 25 33





LLC “Ruskus NN”

Device for wet cleaning the outer surface of the vehicle


Automobile accessories production

Device for wet cleaning of the outer surfaces of the vehicles, the use of which would make the driving safer, due to the improving of headlights and windows condition. The successful result of the project is to meet the needs of the vehicle’s owner in the fast wet cleaning of the vehicle’s exterior surfaces without any other devices.

General manager: Malcev Sergei Nikolaevich

Contact information:

tel.: 8 920 044 33 00





LLC “Stanko-NN”

Design and production of the Mobile Mechatronic Machine System Working in Real Time.

Machine engineering

Design and production of the mobile mechatronic machine system working in real time, to manufacture beds right on the spot, automatically, without participation an operator in the process of manufacturing. General manager: Kuznecov Uri Leonidovich

Contact information:




LLC “Signal”

Software to calculate the parameters of multicomponent flow Information technologies Development of algorithms for calibration of multi-component measuring systems and software that is ready for introduction into the measuring system.

  • The use of new, including its own development, techniques for processing data from the measurement system.

The selection of software for measuring systems in a standalone product that can be used simultaneously in systems of different manufacturers.


General manager: Yampurin Nikolai Petrovich

Contact information:tel.: (83147)4-08-08


11 LLC “SINTEZATOR NN” “DOZOR” Danger zone remote notification by radio signal Instrument engineering, radio electronics Development and implementation the danger zone notification by radio signal on the railway roads General manager: Cyplenkov Uri Sergeevich

Contact information :

tel. 275-88-26




LLC “Product INFORM”

Information System on collection, analysis, processing and storing information concerning product preferences, and consumption of agricultural products


Information Technologies Information System on collection, analysis, processing and storing information concerning product preferences, and consumption of agricultural products «Product INFORM»

designed to implement and improve strategies for manufacturing companies, refiners and sellers of agricultural products (and other food products) to manage customer interactions, in particular, to increase sales, optimize marketing and improve customer service by collecting and processing information about customers, their preferences , Geography, distribution, marketing events.

General manager: Shuralev Maxim Olegovich

Contact information: tel. 8(831)275 9608



13 LLC “NIC SVT” High-performance Hybrid Computer System Informational Technologies The aim and the content of the project is production of high-performance computer system (super computer), available for mass use in solving wide range of scientific and applied problems. General manager: Terentiev Dmitry Aleksandrovich

Contact information:



14 LLC “KB SIS” Radar sensor for Security Monitoring System Information Technologies The main content of the project is production of radio location components for surveillance systems of the highest complexity General manager: Terentiev Andrei Aleksandrovich

Contact information:



15 LLC “a” “Internet – studio “aSite” Information Technologies The main idea of the project is commercial implementation of the self developed technology on creating and manging Internet – portals and sites. Developed platform DDSP, allows to create and mange portal Internet projects fast and effective. General manager: Vasilevsky Vladimir Eduardovich

Contact information:



16 LLC “APINO” Vector messages Information Technologies

The project «Vector messages” is intended for the graphic messages exchange between users in real time. Messages are graphic material created by the users in the transfer process and is composed of » message describe elements » (coordinates, color, tools, etc.).

General manager: Yutkin Ivan Nikolaevich

Contact information:




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Сбербанк запустил вторую волну внутреннего акселератора — Sber#Up. Приглашение в проект получили все сотрудники Группы компаний Сбербанк: более 300 тысяч работников банка, а также сотрудники компаний экосистемы банка.

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Ученые Самарского национального исследовательского университета совместно со специалистами НИИ глазных болезней Самарской областной офтальмологической больницы имени Т. И. Ерошевского разработали новую технологию профилактики послеоперационных осложнений в офтальмологии.

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Молодая российская компания NGT Synthesis, резидент технопарка «Сколково», разработала собственный процесс метаформинга, который позволяет превращать метанолосодержащие углеводороды в бензин в одну стадию.

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