GLONASS used to fight forests in Bashkiria

A large-scale project on launching GLONASS navigation satellite technologies in order to fight forest fires is launched in the Republic of Bashkortostan, NanoNewsNet reports.

The project partner is M2M Bashtelematica, the regional representatives of the M2M Telematica group of companies.

The amount of fires in the region in 2011 has been five times less on 2010.

The project is carried out in several stages. Under the first stage, M2M-Cyber GLX telematic terminals with loud speaker communication system and the alarm button was installed at the state forest control transport vehicles that patrols forests and prevents unsanctioned forest exportation and forest fires. The same equipment has been installed at the district fire services transport vehicles. Under the project, the partners are to provide equipment to inspectors and forest rangers with personal tracking devices.

The company is currently carrying out preliminary work before the second stage of the project. Under the second stage, the navigation-communication equipment is to be installed at the fire machines and cross-country vehicles, and continue providing personal trackers to forest inspectors. By the end of the year, all of the personnel and car park engaged in fire forest extinguishing, is to have the modern navigation-communication equipment.

The main goal is to ensure safety of all specialists taking part in fighting fire in forests, and to provide urgent reaction when discovering fire sources. The satellite navigation allows to perform all types of work more efficiently. At the same time the possibility to define precise location of all mobile groups has resulted in a higher control level and overall efficiency.

The most important advantage is that mobile groups get the chance of emergency reaction. Now when discovering a new fire source they can fast and accurately report its location to the Dispatcher Management Office of the Ministry of Forestry of the Republic of Bashkortostan. The office is to send the nearest rescue team and machinery to this location.