13 декабря 2018 года на площадке МИА “Россия Сегодня” состоялась конференция “Рунет 2018: итоги года”, организованная Ассоциацией Электронных Коммуникаций (РАЭК).

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I like to think that we are fine

Главная » Experts and Analyses » I like to think that we are fine

Alexander Blagov, editor traditionally sums up the passing year

Not so long ago, our site conducted a survey of the opinions of its readers. They were asked to answer this question: «What causes frequent publications in the media about the successful implementation of Russian Innovations?»

Respondents had to choose one of three answers offered. According to the survey a third of the Russian-speaking users felt that this is a consequence of state propaganda. Another third was in favor of the fact that it is the result of the efforts of previous years. And yet a third agreed that the Russian innovators wisely took the opportunity to import substitution. As for English-speaking users, then they are in the majority in favor of the latter option — import substitution.

To be honest, my opinion is different from all of the above sounded. I believe that the growth of an innovative component of our economy really exists, and the reason for this is that too many people in Russia want it too much. Yes, yes, I was that at the heart of every achievement is the idea and desire of the idea to implement. Logo as a bitten apple (and all that is hidden behind it) first appeared in the subjective consciousness of a single Steve Jobs. The result is wellknown.

The Russians, who want to technological change, are basically young people, and to dream (or, as they say now, visualize) they do much better than those who impose sanctions on us. Is it because many of these passionaries saw sanctions restrictions, with all their negative impact, a chance for himself? And it’s not just about those who launches start-ups, but also for those who are willing to invest in these startups.

You know, although I am young it is difficult to call, but I also like to think that we are fine. My optimism is not so much the level of innovative development of our economy, as the rate at which my country is moving in that direction. Especially because I think so, in fact, is simple: because of my work, I miss every day through an information flow that allows me to do so with a good reason. I am encouraged by what is happening. Whether it is increased by 30% this year the volume of domestic angel investment, running production on output based on nanotechnology, the dynamics of online trade, 6 billion rubles passed through a single portal of public services, or statistics on how many people are involved in start-ups running in my city, and many of those that were previously run enterprises have become profitable. At the same time, believe me just out of principle, I did not delve into the Internet, but only mentally ran on those points on which a notch set my memory …

Yes, let’s say for the sake of objectivity, it is apparently not dial «critical mass» of projects to achieve that number grows in quality and innovativeness of the economy becomes obvious — both for its residents and for arubezhnyh partners. Although for those who are the consumers of the products of our nuclear energy and defense industry abroad, it is already a long time is obvious.

And it is «obvious» is another reason why I like to think that we are fine. In the end, our world is just exactly what we think of it.

I wish you a Happy New Year!

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