Incentive to active work

According to Mikhail Fedotov, the deputy director of N. Novgorod Innovation business incubator for innovative projects, “the development and implementation of innovative projects have not yet become the trend in recent times, nor are they on a significant scale. And there are concrete reasons for that.

First, there are not enough centers for training specialists in the field of innovation in the N. Novgorod region, as well as in other Russian regions. The second problem is that there is no institution or, I would say, culture of innovative projects development. The implementation and commercialization innovations in Russia are a still new activity. Therefore, those who claim to be for innovative project development do not have all of the necessary knowledge in this field.

Third, because of Russia’s leap to a market economy, the relationships between developers and producers are disturbed.

The authors of innovations have lost the opportunity to move with the rhythm of the world’s achievements and large enterprises, at least many of them, have yet to build a competent management system adequate to the needs of today’s realities. That is why there are difficulties in forming the requirements in technological innovations. And if these requirements are formed, they are met by purchasing foreign equipment, which is expensive and does not always meet the needs of the enterprise.

However, all of these problems are not a reason to lose heart. Rather, it is an incentive to active work. For example, the N. Novgorod Innovation Business incubator has already outlined a strategy to solve these problems, and already there has been some success. For example, the business incubator initiated the creation of ten innovative companies with the participation of such partners as the JSC Arzamas Instrument Making Plant and the Institute of Organometallic Chemistry.”

Working with research institutes and universities, the NIBI conducts seminars on how to generate ideas and master classes on how to transform these ideas into innovative projects.