Innovation projects, realyzed on the base of IT park «SAROV»


Application area

Content of the project

Competence, training and certification center for Supercomputer simulation modeling

Atomic power engineering, aircraft engineering

Grid-system access creation to computing resources of Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Scientific-research institute of experimental physics and Moscow State University on the base of high speed networks

Creating the synthesis gas compact generators to enhance the economic and environmental efficiency of transport, energy and power plants based on the direct conversion of natural gas and other hydrocarbons into electricity

Oil and gas industry

Housing and public service

Organization of assembly production for power plants on fuel elements with power 3-5 kWt, organization of assembly production for synthesis -gas generators with capacity 5-25 m³/hour, organization of catalysts small -scale production for hydrocarbons conversion

Creating a ground -space center of management information systems for various applications

Military defense, life-saving service, cosmic exploration, gas production

Providing a radiation resistance to space vehicles avionics, advanced automated control systems testing, fine-tuning creation technologies, high speed communication links and data transfer testing, developmental testing support for technical solutions on modernization of existing and developing radar system of ballistic missile defence.

Laser systems and technologies national center

Medicine, industry (material processing)

Creating a continuous and quasicontinious diode-pumped lasers (with power 10-1000Wt), impulse diode-pumped lasers, technological laser complexes for metal cutting and welding, as well as for microprocessing, medicine laser complexes, sophisticated laser complexes for scientific researches

Creating a center of hydrodynamic studies

Hydroelectric engineering, gas production

Creating a software – hardware complex of hydrodynamic calculations (including system and application software, special libraries), equipment for high efficiency storage technology and energy supply on the base of kinetic storage device

New technologies for coal processing and transportation within the coal technology cluster.

Coal processing

Creating a cable-conveyor for long distances transportation of loose bulk cargo, creating the complex technology of coal processing and coal char and electric energy production.

Creating a pipeline valves production for thermal and nuclear power stations

Nuclear and thermal power

Production and development of pipeline valves (gate wedge, reverse closures, bellows valves)

Creating a hardware-software complex (HSC) for telecommunication processes simulation modeling, objects diagnosis and monitoring on the base of acoustic-emission technologies

Internet,cellular communications, medicine

Creating an electronic voting system using mobile communication means, automatization of work positions for election commissions, development of VSP (Voting Service Provider) system, creation of a control system over political advertisement.