Perm geologists can now search ore for ‘invisible’ nanogold

A new minerals exploration method developed at Perm State University (PSU) in the West Urals is expected to help find in ores ‘unseen’ gold, including nanodimensional one, the PSU press service announced

“Nanodimensional gold is available in many deposits being developed across the world, for example, in South Africa. They already produce it in very small quantities. However, using our new exploration method could help find brand new types of precious metal deposits,” said Prof. Boris Osovetsky from PSU’s mineralogy and petrography chair.

Using modern equipment, the Perm geologists discovered in the north-western part of the Perm region a deposit of mercury-containing gold formed by nanodimensional particles. According to Mr. Osovetsky, the new approach could be successfully applied to looking for other similar deposits.

PSU geologists have been working on innovative gold exploration techniques since the 1960s.