Kirov Region

Кировская облThe leading industries in the Kirov region are the chemical industry, machinery, iron and steel production , food processing , forestry and agriculture.

The main competitive advantage of the Kirov region are:

  • relatively rich source of raw materials ;
  • availability of competitive industries – chemical industry, production of blood products , the production of high quality furniture ;
  • high level of research and production base of livestock breeding and crop selection;
  • high tourism potential .

The main strategic priorities of socio-economic development of the Kirov region until 2020 are:

  • development of the sectors of the economy, in which major investment potential – mining and processing (construction materials , phosphate rock and peat) , forestry and agro-industrial complexes ;
  • improving the competitiveness of the transport system in the region and the realization of transit potential ;
  • the formation of industrial clusters ( furniture and light industry ) ;
  • development of tourism and recreation.

Formation of the biotechnology cluster in the Kirov region will contribute the development of the medical industry, the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries as well as agriculture, food processing, wood processing and waste-free use of biological resources.

Continue the construction of the largest in the Eastern Europe plant producing blood plazma in the city of Kirov, further developed the Federal State Institution “Volga District Medical Examination Center of quality blood products and fractionation studies of donor plasma”, to ensure the procurement of blood plasma, the development of innovative sector of the economy of the Kirov region with a specialization in the field of biochemical technology and production of blood products.

The reconstruction pipeline Okhansk – Kirov will make it possible to increase the volume of gas delivered to the central and north-eastern parts of the region, which will contribute active development of the largest in Europe, the Volga-Kama phosphate deposit and recycling.

In addition, the priority project will be the construction of housing economy, including the development of related engineering and transport infrastructure in the city of Kirov.

The Government of the Kirov region:

  • Address: 610019, Kirov, Karl Liebknecht Street, 69
  • Phones: + 7 (8332) 64-89-58, 38-13-13
  • Official site:

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