Ulyanovsk region

Ульяновская областьKey sectors of the economy of the Ulyanovsk region are engineering , food processing , electric power , building materials , agriculture .

The main competitive advantage of the Ulyanovsk region are:

  • rich agricultural land resources , the availability of raw materials for the production of building materials, water and forest resources , a unique tourist and recreational potential ;
  • developed transportation system and developing construction sector;
  • a complex of industrial enterprises are mainly mechanical engineering.

The main strategic priorities of socio -economic development of the Ulyanovsk region up to 2020 are:

  • a transport and logistics cluster ;
  • development of aircraft manufacturing cluster ;
  • the creation of a nuclear – innovation cluster ;
  • development of a cluster of building materials.

The priority project would be an investment project “New Village”, aimed to establish agro-industrial cluster on the principles of co-production of agricultural products with farms.

Also are planning to build a high-tech federal center of the medical radiology in Dimitrovgrad as one of the priorities of health, aimed at diagnosis and treatment of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Address of administration: 432063, Ulyanovsk , pl. Leninа, 1

Phones Authority: +7 ( 8422) 41-27-60, 41-37-26 , 41-22-49

Official site: www.ulgov.ru

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