Economy and Investment

The Volga Federal District contains one third of the active-innovative enterprises in Russia, and 41% of the capacity of Russian technology export and investment volume to Volga Federal District economics is 15% of all investments in Russia. A distinctive characteristic of the Gross Regional Product of the VFD is a high fraction of the manufacturing industries—24.5% (19.3% in terms of Russia), as well as mining operations- 13.7% (10.5% in terms of Russia).

One of the main features of the district is a significant manufacturing capacity. One fourth of all the industrial production in Russia is concentrated here: 85% of the entire Russian automobile industry, 65% of aircraft engineering, 40% of petro chemistry, 30% of shipbuilding, and 30% of defense industry complexes. There are 5 regions in the district (Republic of Bashkorstan, Tatarstan, Perm Krai, Nizhniy Novgorod oblast, and Samara oblast), which are the leaders in the overall investment capacity. They demonstrate high rates of production, financial, innovative, natural-resource and consumer factors of investment evaluation.

The traditional specialization of the district is mechanic engineering. The enterprises located in the regions make the biggest contribution among the federal districts to the added value produced in that industry (more than 33% of the all-Russian index). The Volga Region produces more than 73% of cars (for trucks this figure is more than 90%), more than 85% of buses, and more than 80% of automobile engines. This industry is represented by the largest enterprises of the district: Volgsky, Gorkovsky, Kamsky, Pavlovsky, Ulyanovsky, and other automobile plants.

Aircraft industry, rocket and space technology, power engineering, shipbuilding, instrument engineering, and machine tool industry are widely developed in the district. The district is also the leader in mineral fertilizer production, synthetic resin and plastics, tires and caustic soda production. The multifunctional agro industrial complex of the VFD provides a quarter of Russia’s agricultural products and on third of the grain volume.

The recently accepted “Conception of Social and Economic Development of the Volga Federal District by 2020” brings together all regional projects and designates a consistent strategic direction for the district’s development. This direction is an increasing employment efficiency of the territory’s competitive advantages:

  • Employment of the district’s advantageous economic-geographical location through the development of transport infrastructure throughout the Volga Federal District, including creation of the new transport international corridors in the direction of European markets and direct access to Central Asia and Kazakhstan.
  • Priority development of a new sectoral economy by enhancing the capacity of active-innovative enterprises, including Science Town and Technology Park in Sarov.
  • Enhancement of interregional integration, as well as creation of common interterritorial industrial clusters.

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