Rambler’s new user-friendly browser offers personalized news filtering

Rambler, a sizable Russian-language portal and a part of the Afisha-Rambler group, has launched its new Internet browser that is said to be able to create customized news compilations for each specific user, East-West Digital News, the first all English-language online resource dedicated to Russian digital industries, reported last week. 

The browser has evolved from the codes that once enabled Google’s open source Chromium projects, but also incorporates design elements and other improvements from Rambler itself, according to the company.

The upgraded Rambler browser is believed to be smart enough to help users surf through multitudes of news stories easily and enjoyably as it applies software algorithms for high-level customization. To compile a personalized set of stories, the software monitors the Internet’s main media resources on a real-time basis and sifts the information based on what the user has opted to read in the past.

The browser can also alert users to new e-mail messages and provides them with weather updates, according to Rambler.

Rambler’s Nichrome, a three-year-old ‘predecessor’ search tool and a result of the company’s manifest interest in Google’s open source system, is still operational. Its users, however, will be gradually moved to the new browser as the launch unfolds.

Rambler’s new browser comes on the heels of similar innovations launched by its domestic rivals. In 2012 Yandex, the Russian search giant, unveiled its own new browser and later on spent months working to customize the product for neighboring countries and user preferences.

Last summer the other Russian web giant, Mail.ru, also announced the launch of its own browser.