Readers of differently estimate prospects of Russian high-tech

We have results of another survey of reader opinion, in which we offered to answer the question: «How will the revitalization of the BRICS and EAEC on the development of Russian high-tech?»

All the BRICS countries are the leaders in the development of certain technologies. For example, India and China are famous for their achievements in IT, and Brazil is good in the field of bioenergy.

Also, the removal of customs barriers is able to make more accessible markets of the EAEC countries for such products as Russian software.

Exactly half of all respondents positively assess the prospects of the impact of economic cooperation with these countries in the development of domestic high-tech. The other half of the respondents believe that the development of cooperation with the BRICS countries will not have a material impact on the realities of Russian high technologies.

Our next poll is devoted to the influence of the Russian defense industry to develop high-tech sectors of the Russian economy.