Russia backs medical IT developers

Russia’s Advanced Research Fund (ARF) has been boosting support for developers of IT projects to be used in medicine. 

“We’re witnessing a growing number of IT projects in the field of medicine. These primarily include mobile apps for telemedicine, nervous disorder diagnostics by analyzing the way a person speaks, rehabilitation following strokes and brain damages, and many others,” ARF Deputy CEO Sergei Garbuk was quoted as saying. He is in charge of the IT department at the Fund.

The areas for the Fund to focus on include self-learning image recognition algorithms (such as advanced MRI imaging), algorithms for diagnosing diseases, biomedical 3D modeling and design systems for therapeutic and grafting purposes, systems to support decision-making, AR/VR technologies, and medical robotics.

The expert said there have already been successful algorithm development cases for timely disease diagnostics and early identification of at-risk patients / early-stage therapeutic strategy development.