Togliatti introduces information technology in the process of career guidance for young people

The project is implemented by the The Center for Information Technologies of the Togliatti City District with the support of the Technopark in the sphere of high technologies Zhiguli Valley.

The title of the project is The creation of an information interactive environment for the organization of a network project activity on the vocational guidance of students in the youth.

The project provides for the creation of an interactive information and education system aimed at creating conditions that provide vocational guidance for young people. This system:

  • Will allow to organize purposeful orientation of youth on a choice of the professions demanded in the Samara area;
  • Will ensure the effective work of educational institutions in the vocational guidance of young people;
  • Will provide an opportunity for vocational education institutions and employers in the region to inform the target audience about their proposals and to influence the professional choice of students;
  • Will provide an opportunity for professional self-determination for any student of the Samara region, regardless of where they live, through organized active distance activities;
  • Will provide access to the necessary up-to-date information on the vocational guidance of young people, their parents, teachers and other interested persons.

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