Information and advertisement positioning aims to provide  the integrated information support services for  the projects carried out in the PFD, requiring to expand markets and investments.

All information is published in Russian and English languages and promoted to the international business environment. The target audience of the site is the representatives of professional and business community in Russia as well as abroad, looking for new opportunities to invest money and purchase new competitive products and services.

Comprehensive information support of the project involves writing and posting analytical materials with project description and authors interview, writing and posting the news report, filling project information into a database published on the site,  mailing out information about the projects to the English and Russian speaking subscribers of the site, posting links to all publications relating to the project in the professional community of the most popular social networks, including the international business network LinkedIn. Also, this service may include advertising banners posting on the website.

Information support of the project includes  procedures on customer informing on all responses to the project and providing intermediary services in the implementation and development of business contacts. The service is performed in a period of three months to one year, and its value ranges from 15000 to 40000 rubles.

The advertisement positioning is also available on the site.

The cost of advertising positioning on


1 month

3 months

6 months

1 year

Banner 200×300 pix

4 000 rubles

10 000 rubles

15 000 rubles

20 000 rubles

Banner 200×200 pix

3 000 rubles

7 500 rubles

10 000 rubles

15 000 rubles

Banner 200×100 pix

2 500 rubles

6 000 rubles

7 500 rubles

12 500 rubles

Flash-animated banners making

3 500 rubles

 Customer sites link in a news report

1 000 rubles

Customer sites link in the analytical materials

2 500 rubles

Posting contact information in the database

1 500 rubles

Phone: +7 (831) 439-6127


Skype: venture_volga

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