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We were able to see the Chinese experience in the introduction of innovative technologies into its economy

Главная » Experts and Analyses » We were able to see the Chinese experience in the introduction of innovative technologies into its economy

Yuri Smorodov, Director of NGO International Innovation Agency (IIA, Nizhny Novgorod) shares his impressions of his trip to China.

Mr Smorodov, what was the visit?

I had the chance to visit the province of Anhui as a mamber of the governmental delegation of Nizhny Novgorod region to explore with the Chinese experience in innovative development and the study of the prospects of cooperation in the sphere of high technologies. In turn, the Nizhny Novgorod delegation was a part of the extended mission Volga Federal District (VFD)regions, headed by Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Start of the mission was given in the past year due to the successful development of Russian-Chinese program Volga-Yangtze, initiated by the Russian President’s plenipotentiary representative in the VFD. The mission, in addition to representatives of the Nizhny Novgorod region, included government and business circles of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Perm Region, Republic of Chuvashia, Republic of Mordovia and Ulyanovsk region. By the way, for the Ulyanovsk region this visit was especially significant because in July they are prepared to accept reciprocal mission of businessmen and government officials from Anhui Province.

Are the Chinese set up for serious cooperation in the introduction of high-tech? There’s a lot of speculation on this subject in the media

The Chinese have set up very seriously. Visit of delegation of the PFD has been given a very high importance and given the status of «second working group of the PFD regions to study the prospects of cooperation with the province of Anhui.»

What has been seen there? 

First of all, we visited several cities, the program was very intense and included visits to several Chinese cities, so we had a bit of traveling. Members of the delegation were able to examine the experience of technology parks in China, took part in numerous meetings with the heads of the Committee on Reforms provinces, other government and party institutions, held talks with the businessmen of Anhui. Russian participants were presented innovative developments in the field of high technologies.

Can we say that the Chinese are quite mastered the art of technology commercialization?

Yes. And they are willing to share their experiences with us. A detailed representation of the system of interaction between business and the authorities, particularly the formation of innovative environment allowed the members of our delegation to deal with the specifics of the processes of governance of technological development in China, understand the uniqueness of the effective production scheme.

In particular, members of the delegation were able to see the organization of the activities of a number of advanced enterprises provinces, such as an enterprise for the production of liquid crystal displays and BOE automobile company JAC, implementing a program of serial production of electric vehicles.

This experience is universal? Can we take it on board?

We are personally convinced of the effectiveness of existing management models, studying the experience of several presented by IT-parks, among which a special place occupies the high-tech city of Hefei Economic Zone. Figures economic achievements Anhui really make you think about the need to adopt Chinese experience: more than 2,000 enterprises in the province engaged in the development of Hi-Tech products with state support; . More than 1 billion yuan ($ 200 million) allocates only province to attract specialists in the sphere of high technologies and incentives for obtaining patents; the introduction of advanced construction techniques allow the province to take a year of «turnkey» of about 330 million square meters of finished housing.; length of high-speed railways, which began to develop the province exceeded all similar line in Europe only since 2002, so far together.

On the efficiency of Chinese management model and demonstrates the high confidence of entrepreneurs to the fact the public authorities and public government bodies such as the Association of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs: its members only at the regional level is more than 170 thousand members.

Did the visit program touche only the scope of the introduction of new technologies?

No, the Chinese organizers also paid great attention to the prospects of cooperation in the educational and medical fields by organizing talks and visiting a number of universities and research centers of the province, as well as medical institutions, including practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine methods.

Along with the business part of the program Chinese colleagues presented the features of Anhui Province, organized a visit to one of the most famous enterprises in China for the production of elite varieties of tea. In addition, the delegation was able to visit one of the most attractive in terms of tourism sites in China — mountains Huanshen ( «Yellow Mountain»).

Your personal evaluation of whether the cooperation between Russia and China in the field of high technology have prospects?

With due respect to the case they can surpass all expectations.

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