Yandex top trending search topics in 2017

Every year Yandex, the leading search engine in Russia, provides results to over 250 million user queries.

At the end of each year, the company’s research team compiles these queries and analyzes them to publish a list of the year’s top search trends.

While these categories don’t cover everything, it gives us a great picture of what united Yandex users throughout 2017.  The very top of the first category “Events” starts with one of the more difficult moments of the year that united us – a deadly terror attack in a Saint Petersburg metro station.  Events such as these create concern but ultimately bring us together as a community.  That week people came together such as offering their homes to those in need and at Yandex we were glad to be among those helping by providing free Yandex.Taxi rides.

When it comes to the categories of “Men” and “Women,” Yandex users searched for a number of local and international celebrities, taking interest in their lives, such as the beloved Eurovision star, Dima Bilan and opera singer, Maria Masksakova. As for the  “Things and Phenomena” category, cryptocurrencies, fidget spinners, and the iPhone X proved to be just as popular in Russia as they were elsewhere.

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